Barents Spektakel Opening Night: Opening Show

Wednesday (23.02)
Kirkenes Church
Free (without pre-registration)
Hybrid (Local and Digital)

Barents Spektakel Opening Night: Opening Show

The opening show welcomes everyone to stop what they are doing and look up, to look inside ourselves, and to attend an animated adventure on the walls of Kirkenes Church. A special 3D mapping show where animation entangles with choreography and live music guides us through a colourful journey filled with hope for a better world – one full of wonders and discoveries. 

The Norwegian Minister of Culture and Equality Anette Trettebergstuen will mark the official opening.

We are brought into this big and unknown world, doing our best to discover it as we go along, day by day. So many wonders. How do we breathe? How do we walk? What is pain? What is love? What lies beyond the walls of our rooms? Our homes? What lies beyond this universe? And at some point we realise – It’s the questions that move us forward.  The questions make us who we are. And when the questions end – we die. So, where do we go from here?

The opening show also includes opening speeches and of course our traditional spectacular fireworks!

Participants: Alexey Ermolaev, (animator), Maria Pyatkova, choreographer, Karianne Andreassen, dancer, Torbjørn T.  Sandnes, Media-artist, Frieder Weiss and Matthias Härtig, media-artists, Petr Makarov, composer,  Aleksander Kostopoulos, drummer/composer. Producer: Pikene på Broen. Official opening by The Norwegian Minister of Culture and Equality Anette Trettebergstuen

Opening speeches by Sør-Varanger mayor Lena Norum Bergeng, greetings from Murmansk by Irina Ivanova (Barents Bird), and speech from The Norwegian Minister of Culture and Equality Anette Trettebergstuen who will mark the official opening.


Alexey Ermolaev is an animation director, art director, author of several music videos and short films, curator of the student animation profile at the HSE School of Design.

Maria Pyatkova is a dance artist, choreographer and director with many years of experience in creating a variety of dance and media performances.

Karianne Andreassen is a Norwegian interdisciplinary dance artist currently based in Oslo.

Frieder Weiss is a media artist and engineer specializing in the creation of generative graphics and visual content using interactive technologies, a programmer of interactive visual applications and digital visual environments.

Matthias Härtig – media artist, specialist in interactive generative graphics

Torbjørn T.  Sandnes is a Norwegian media-artist

Petr Makarov is a professional composer, arranger, pianist and sound producer from Murmansk.

Alexander Kostopoulos is a Norwegian musician and drummer.