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Around town & Turisthotellet
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Kurant9000 will introduce and operate quite a special mobile listening station during Barents Spektakel. Collectively, they will begin a mission to gather and archive the sound of the young, untamed voices in our borderless North. What are the sounds that represent us exactly? How will this process take its form?

If you happen to see a listening station on wheels moving around the town, all you need to do is find an FM radio (maybe on your smartphone) and tune in. During the festival, audiences are invited to listen to live performances, field recordings, and conversations. Through meeting people, the surroundings, and sounds all around, this curious group of artists will be asking questions about fluid identities and the collective sense of belonging. Under the festival the sound station will feature zatoshi zlackamoto (NO)performing live and Daria Orlova (RU) who will take part in an online residency. There will also be an open studio radio station in the Old Tourist Hotel. The whole process can also be followed through:!

Kurant9000 is an artist-run exhibition space and a meeting place in Tromsø. Through exhibitions and social events, Kurant9000 is an important contributor to the city’s lively art scene. The exhibition room has existed since 2009, and is currently run collectively by Amalie Holthen, Olga Gry Becker, Ellen Vikström, Lea Joakim Hansen Svendby, Matias Frøysaa, Carla Wedderkopp, Anna Näumann and Andrea Conradsen.

zatoshi zlackamoto is a pseudonym for the musical expression that arose when Fredrik Einevoll from Skjervøy began to explore noise in sound. In the process of creating noise, zlackamoto’s music also examines the political aspect of noise in communication.

Daria Orlova from Murmansk, presents her art through performative practices and in interaction with the viewer. Addressing the theme of utopia, self-identification and self-organization, the artist creates various worlds-installations: exhibitions of fictional artists, shops without prices, dating clubs, an art resort town.