Thursday (24.02)
kr 150
Local with Social Distance

Maras is a music and performance group who create poetic and psychedelic sounds through deeply hypnotic and resonant music, all steeped in rich folklore. During their live performances, they make use of costumes, performance art, scenographic elements and 3D-shadows. 

The Norwegian-Finnish group – consisting of Risto Puurunen, Stig Arne Sigmund Pettersen and Marita Isobel Solberg – compose their own music and have been inspired by old musical styles and regional singing traditions in the north, such as joik and chanting. In their first album, Where Whales Go, Maras embark on a deep listening, creative, and intuitive journey which creates lasting vibrations in our consciousnesses. On stage, Maras becomes an instinctive and mesmerising presence! 

Doors open at 20:00