Two Sides of the River

Sunday (27.02)
15:30 (Norwegian time)
Utnes, Svanvik
Free (without pre-registration)
Local with Social Distance

Two Sides of the River

15:30  (Norwegian time)

17:30  (Moscow time)

As part of the closing ceremony of the festival, sound artists Tine Surel Lange and Pavlo Grazhdansky will present Two Sides of the River – a collaborative project that deals with ideas of connection, listening, and bridge-building across vast distances. 

The two artists, stationed on each side of the Pasvik river – in Utnes (Svanvik) and Nikel – will make use of very loud sound sources that can be heard by audiences on both sides of the border. In an age of digital collaborations, the aim of the experiment is to offer a ‘real’ experience that can connect our close neighbours together and remind us that the distance is not so great.

The event also has a social motive, and is part of the closing of the festival ceremony, intended to create a cosy atmosphere for the local communities in Svanvik and Nikel, with a fireplace, gløgg, coffee and buns on offer during the event. 

Part of the Festival Finissage