Volunteer with us!

Would you like to be a volunteer at Norway’s most border-crossing festival?
We need you!

Without our dedicated team of volunteers, the Barents Spektakel would simply not happen – in fact, we think of enthusiastic volunteers as one of our greatest assets and one of the most vital ingredients when producing the festival. As a volunteer at the Barents Spektakel you will help with miscellaneous tasks and have many different responsibilities, but most importantly, experience the Barents Spektakel as an ‘insider’ and be an essential part of the festival team!

Due to uncertainty about the COVID-19 situation in February 2022, both the travel restrictions, our need of volunteers and the festival tasks might change and we ask for understanding for this. However, we would like everyone who would like to volunteer for the 2022 edition of the festival to sign up, and we will keep you posted on the situation for the festival in order for it to be both safe and fun for everyone!

What roles and tasks can you perform as a Barents Spektakel volunteer?
Security at various events
Information to the public
Sale of tickets and ticket control
Transport and logistics
Artist host
Exhibition assistant
Technical assistant
Photography, video and web

What are the requirements to become a volunteer at the Barents Spektakel?
There are only a few conditions!
most importantly, you want to help and experience the festival
you are 18+ by the time the festival starts (23.02.22)
you can speak either English or Norwegian

How do we express our warmest gratitude for your help?
Firstly, you will be given a festival T-shirt that is thematically (and extremely stylishly) designed for the 2022 Barents Spektakel, plus free entrance to ticketed events*. We also provide a border-crossing meeting place where you are guaranteed to get to know fantastic people and enjoy five days in our world of exciting contemporary culture and the spirit of Barents festivity!

Join the team and meet us in Kirkenes!
* For free access to festival events, you must work for a minimum of 7.5 hours. Free admission applies only if the event is not sold out earlier.